5 simple home selling tips to get more money when selling your home

Getting your home ready to sell is not an easy exercise. Here are a few home selling tips to take the guesswork out of this balancing act. Figuring out if and how much improvements you need to do before putting it on the market is especially challenging. Invest too much money or invest in the wrong place, and you may see little or no return on your investment. Spend too little and you may end up settling for a lower sales price or, worse, your home may sit on the market unsold.

Home Selling Tips Video


1. Class Up the Kitchen

The first of the home selling tips tackles the kitchen. As you are probably aware, the kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to wooing potential home buyers. So most real estate professionals agree, this should be your first focus. However, it’s usually not necessary to spend thousands. Key is to update, not renovate.

Update light fixtures and doorknobs, repair leaky faucets and minor blemishes and you will get a great return without spending a fortune.

Matching appliances will go a long way in making your kitchen look appealing.

2. Beautify the Bathroom

Second in our list of home selling tips is the bathroom. Almost of equally importance as the kitchen, the bathroom needs to be updated by changing nobs, repairing leaks, putting in new caulk and grout.

If you have the necessary cash on hand, the bathroom is the place where renovating yields a good return. Putting in new fixtures can modernize an entire bathroom. Updating counter tops is also a great visual improvement and since you don’t need as much material as for a kitchen remodel, you can consider using higher end material.

3. Tackle Clutter and Clean

Third on the list of home selling tips is tackling the clutter and cleaning. Nothing turns buyers off like dust and smells. Excessive clutter can make any room look smaller than it actually is. Finally you will need to de-personalize your home as much as possible. Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home.

If you got more clutter than you know what to do with, consider professional help. At the Optimum Home Team we provide a free staging consult when you list your home with our full service package. In this 2 hour walk and talk, a professional stager will help you hands on and will show you how to get your home to look like a model. If you still need more help, consider the National Association of Professional Organizers.

4. Fresh Coat of Paint

The next one is a classic that you’ve probably heard many times before: give your home a fresh coat of paint and stick to neutral colors.

But don’t overdo it: don’t repaint the entire home inside and out. Instead focus on the rooms with loud flashy colors and walls with defects and blemishes.

But don’t overlook the most important part of your home: the front door. Make sure it looks welcoming to potential buyers.

5. Picture Perfect Shots

Finally, don’t skimp on photos. With an average of 8000 active listings on the MLS at any given time and even more on other popular websites, you NEED to stand out. We can only get your home sold when buyers are walking in the front door. First impressions matter, a LOT!