Peter Hauben

About Peter Hauben – Principal Broker & Owner of Optimum Realty Denver

Peter has been practicing real estate since 1999. Using the experience he has gained in the corporate world, he has built a real estate business that differs from the industry standard with stronger fidelity to clients, combining focused negotiation, innovative technology and reliable real estate practices.

Peter is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch. He has traveled to many different regions of the world and has worked on projects with people from many different backgrounds. This exposure to diverse cultures has helped him better understand and serve his clients and it gives him an edge in negotiating deals no matter how diverse the parties involved.

After earning his engineering degree, Peter held different positions in fast paced international companies before stepping into real estate. He saw an opportunity in the increasing demand for modern, highly customized energy efficient urban residences and started his own real estate development company. Because of the cutting edge nature of the construction techniques involved, he did a lot of the hands on labor himself, giving him a deep knowledge of residential construction. He later applied all his construction and investment knowledge into helping other people succeed in their real estate dreams.

What’s in it for YOU? Peter is an Engineer with extensive project management experience. He’s very analytical and uses a plan and a systematical approach to selling real estate. 16 years of fine tuning allows him to build a plan specifically tailored around your unique needs and desires which accomplishes one thing: sell your home in less time and for more money.

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About Peter Hauben – Certified Marketing Specialist

Advertising, marketing and even networking is done on the internet. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 92% of homebuyers search for their home online. As you will probably know, it takes strategy, know how and effort to show up on top of the online searches. You will need the latest in digital marketing to cut through the noise and get eyes on your listing.

We don’t just say that we are marketing experts, we actually prove it by getting certified by one of the top institutions in the digital space. This requires us to keep up with the very latest in technology and use the best practices a​round. We take tech savvy a few steps further.