Denver’s Capitol Hill: Neighborhood Spotlight

capitol hill denver

The little gold mining town on the banks of the South Platte River certainly did grow up well. The yellow ore didn’t hold out for long, but the miners stayed and soon Denver was on her way to becoming one of the greatest cities in the American West. Today the town that nestles against the front range of the Rocky Mountains boasts a population of nearly 700,000 people, and many of them make their homes in the vibrant downtown area.

Toward the end of the 19th century, Capitol Hill was considered the swankiest of all Denver neighborhoods. Bounded by Colfax Avenue to the north, Seventh Avenue to the south, Broadway on the west and Downing Street on the east, historical Capitol Hill remains a desirable residential area with proximity to all the wonderful things that Denver has to offer. The neighborhood takes its name from the gold-domed capitol building at 200 Colfax Avenue. Average year of construction of houses and multi-unit buildings in Capitol Hill is 1920, although many of the mansions in this section of Denver were built during the gold rush and subsequent silver boom of the mid-to-late late 1800s.

What makes Capitol Hill hip? How about the fact that finger-snapping poet Allen Ginsberg and [[On The Road]] author Jack Kerouac both lived in the neighborhood during the heyday of the Beatniks? In the 1950s, neighborhood rents were relatively cheap. Not anymore, since the gentrification boom of the early 2000s. Many former apartment buildings are now upscale condos that can cost a pretty penny.

Margaret “Molly” Brown, suffragette and heroine of the Titanic disaster, lived in Capitol Hill, too. Today, her elegant home at 1340 Pennsylvania Street houses the Molly Brown Museum where high tea is served and guided tours are offered most days of the year.

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