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Are you considering a switch to urban living in Denver? Denver is a city of liberal politics and free spirits. The Denver-Boulder corridor is one of the brainiest places in the country. The region was recently voted by Business Week among the top five start-up business hubs. Colorado is now the number-one relocation destination for people in the 25 to 44 age range. Denver is the heart of Colorado at the Eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. With more than two-thirds of a million people, Denver is the largest city within 500 miles. It’s a transportation hub and home to one of the largest international airports in the world.

What is urban living in Downtown Denver like?

It’s a city of 78 official neighborhoods, each one with its own character, from skyscrapers to late 19th century homes. It’s a city with new ideas and traditions side by side. One of the best cities in the country for bicycles and walking paths, it is also one of the most energy self-sufficient cities in the country.

Of special interest are residential neighborhoods in the north-west part of Denver, straddling Platte River, that runs through the western half of the city. These neighborhoods include Lodo, Larimer, Riverfront, Downtown and Uptown, the large area of Five Points, Capitol Hill and North Capitol Hill, Highlands, LoHi, Berkely (in the extreme north-west of the city), and Sunnyside.

Capitol Hill is one of the older, established residential areas of the city and one of the most cosmopolitan. It is a well-known center for artists and the center for Denver’s “punk” community. If you like small stores, restaurants, late night bars and musical venues, this is the area for you. Two major parks host many festivals and community events.

The Highland and Lower Highland (LoHi) neighborhoods, just north-west of the Platte River, are a more eclectic mix of older homes, well suited for families looking for urban living. This is one of the trendier areas of the city, known for its ethnic diversity, with a rich mix of restaurants and retail stores and art galleries. There is a large local farmer’s market in Highlands Square.

Berkeley is the neighborhood bordering Denver’s north-west border. The neighborhood includes two lakes surrounded by parks. Tennyson Street has become a commercial and cultural hub for all of north-west Denver, although Berkeley and Highland are forever arguing about that distinction.

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