Downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall is All Grown Up

16th street mall

Downtown Denver is known for the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall. The creation of the mall began in the 1970’s by I.M. Pei & Partners of New York, whose focus was to make the mall a central tree-lined corridor with wide sidewalks and granite pavers. What most people do not know about the design of the mall, is that from an aerial view the granite square pavers is designed to mimic the back of a rattle-snake.

As downtown Denver has grown from a small horse town into a booming city, the real estate market has grown with it. Many buildings along the 16th street mall are historical buildings that were converted to custom designed lofts as well as new residential high-rises being built along its path.

Today, the 16th Street Mall is one of Denver’s biggest tourist attractions and is line with outdoor cafes, skyscrapers, retail stores and provides free shuttle service. During the summer it is packed full of events, free concerts  and arts festivals. During the winter months, the streets are lined with crisp white Christmas lights and offers an ice skating rink for entertainment.

Another great growing feature of downtown Denver is the 14th Street Theatre District. In 2011 new construction began on 14th street, which runs right through the Convention and Theatre District to link lower downtown and Civic Center.  Once again, the initiative was to create the idea of a work/life balance by building hotels with living space above and new high-rise buildings for those who love the idea city living.

Downtown Denver has living spaces that offer soaring ceilings, huge windows and tons of character. Whether you are looking to find a historical building that has been converted or an ultra-chic high-rise surrounded by parks and offers tons of amenities, you’ll be able to find exactly what you like in downtown Denver.