Downtown Lofts and Condos: Tips for Open House Visits

If you are a tech-savvy millennial, you do most of your house hunting for downtown lofts and condos on your smart phone. But before you take another virtual tour of a Denver loft that’s for sale, consider going with an experienced Realtor on open house visits. Going in person to view downtown lofts and condos is important if you want to get a feel for the neighborhood and actual neighbors. According to a recent report by USA Today, there are ways to make the most of an open house visit when you are ready to buy. In Denver, the spring and summer seasons means new downtown lofts and condos hitting the real estate market every day. As a home buyer, you can expect a pickup in the number of open houses. With your Realtor by your side, experts recommend you walk into an open house as if you are on a fact-finding mission.

Do your homework ahead of time

Your Realtor can help you by providing you with a “cheat sheet,” if you don’t have time to do homework on the various lofts you end up visiting. Make sure your Realtor knows about any deal breakers or must-haves on your list so you don’t end up wasting time.

Bring the proper tools

USA Today recommends coming to an open house with measuring tape, camera, notebook and pencil in hand. Most young buyers today only really need their smart phones, which serve as the camera, notebook and measuring device as well. Just make sure your smart phone is fully charged.

Get the feel for it

Instead of just taking notes and taking photos, take a minute to absorb the space. Pay careful attention to how each room makes you feel. If it’s a crowded open house, you can get an immediate sense of whether the loft or condo would be good for entertaining. Some factors to consider include the amount of natural light, security, technology, noise, privacy and views.

Experts say it’s perfectly fine to open up closets when you are touring a house at an open house, but it’s better not to touch the owner’s belongings or open drawers. Let your Realtor do most of the talking to the seller’s agent or the sellers so you don’t come across as too anxious to buy at top price. If a particular Denver loft or condo strikes your fancy, you don’t have to wait until an open house. Your Realtor can arrange a private showing.

At Downtown Denver Realty, we help first-time millennial homebuyers and older buyers interested in Denver’s hip downtown lofts and condos. We will go with you to open houses or arrange private showings so you can get to the best properties before they become part of a bidding war.

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