Downtown Lofts and Condos: Urban Cool

downtown denver loft

Colorado is a big state with plenty of open spaces along the western slope and front range. Ranch living on a sizable spread is fine for some folks, but what if you’re the kind of person who prefers to dwell closer to where the action is? Consider Downtown living. When you move into a roomy downtown loft, your wide-open spaces are the great indoors.

Years ago, nobody but a few starving artists made their home in post-industrial lofts. Downtown lofts are spacious with high ceilings, tall walls and big windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight. Today, downtown lofts and condos provide a close-to-everything but above it all lifestyle for men and women of means. A nicely finished loft in LoDo, Ballpark, Riverfront or Larimer goes for more than half a mil, minimum. Most sell for a good deal more than that. Still, if you ask any of the doctors, lawyers, executives and well-heeled retirees who’ve purchased upscale lofts, they’re sure to tell you that living the good life in a gracious, spacious downtown loft is well worth the big price tag.

Denver is a vibrant city with a downtown area that offers sensational dining, world-class sports, entertaining bars and a host of happening nightclubs. Choose to live the loft lifestyle, and you’ll be close to the beating heart of the Mile High City.

We specialize in upscale urban residential spaces. If you are interested in touring the interior of some of the nicest condos and lofts in LoDo, Riverfront, Ballpark and Larimer, check out our services and contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re enchanted with the idea of high altitude, high attitude urban dwelling and we believe you will be, too.