Mapleton Hill, Boulder: an Extreme Seller’s Market

If you have been toying with the idea of selling your home in Mapleton Hill, Boulder, the spring and summer is the perfect selling time. You will likely be surprised by how much your home has appreciated in value, especially since we are in an extreme seller’s market that probably won’t last. According to a recent article by CNBC, many baby boomers feel reluctant to sell their homes in the suburbs because of the “sticker shock” or high prices in desirable and hip urban neighborhoods such as those in the Denver area. If you are one of the many boomers who decide to move to sell and move to less expensive housing markets in the country, you will likely take a large amount of home equity with you. If you decide to downsize by moving from the suburbs to downtown Denver, rely on your Realtor to find you a great price on deals. To get the most money when you sell your home in Mapleton Hill, Boulder, consider listing in the spring and summer when there is a canopy of Silver Maple and Cottonwood trees in Mapleton Hill for house hunters.

  • Selling when inventory is low

Experts say there are about 3,500 homes actively on the market in the Denver metro area in early 2015 compared to 2010 when there were more than 32,000 homes listed for sale. When there is a shortage of homes, it doesn’t mean people will buy your home even if it’s out-of-date and in disrepair. However, you could enjoy multiple offers by getting your home to shine.

  • Following a seller’s checklist

Before listing your home, follow a checklist for preparing the interior, exterior of your home as well as the yard. With the yard, focus on any fencing, driveway, sidewalk, mailbox and outdoor living spaces. Just as you remove clutter and debris from inside your home, make sure there isn’t any garbage floating around your yard. Thoroughly clean bird baths and fire pits. Go down your list when cleaning, organizing and repairing items in different zones. Some sellers find it helpful to draw a map of their home and yard to illustrate problem areas.

  • Getting your home ready for showings

After your Realtor lists your home in Mapleton Hill, Boulder, you should anticipate a lot of showings since there are so few listings on the market but high demand. To get ready for visitors, open drapes, turn off televisions, take the pets out, put out fresh flowers and baked goods. Burn candles with scents that are not too overpowering, but remind people of mountain living such as pine scents. Buy new furniture to help stage your living space, but make sure it’s furniture that will fit in your new home.

At Optimum Home Team, we can help you sell your home in Mapleton Hill, Boulder or any other neighborhood in Denver and Boulder. We dedicate ourselves to working for our client to get them the highest offer.