Moving? Here are the top 5 neighborhoods in Denver!

Whether you’re a long-time Denver resident or new to the area, you’ll need to know where to move in this admittedly big city. Here, then, is our list of the top 5 neighborhoods in Denver:

  • City Park: this is frequently cited by several real estate blogs as being one of the premiere neighborhoods in Denver. Aside from being affordable (more so than the equally popular Washington Park), it’s surrounded by an enviable green space and affordable homes (with the average home going for about $500,000).
  • LoDo: better known as Lower Downtown, this Denver neighborhood stands in stark contrast to the better known, skyscraper filled Downtown Denver proper. LoDo’s older, smaller buildings have been converted to fun and funky lofts, and Riverfront Park offers a great meeting place for the young and hip to meet and greet. Best of all, LoDo’s lofts will only set you back around $300,000!
  • Highland: this lovely neighborhood is a bastion of Italian-American pride, and is, in fact, one of the few so-called “ethnic” neighborhoods in the greater Denver area. However, this neighborhood is not just for the Italian-Americans in the area: there is also a large Latino/Hispanic population, as well. Best of all, this area is very close to the mountains, which offers unbeatable views!
  • Uptown: Uptown Denver, like its downtown counterpart, is one of the funkier neighborhoods in the city. Thanks to its low crime rate, proximity to City Park, and bustling restaurant scene, uptown has a flavor all its own!
  • Stapleton: Last, but certainly not least, is the community of Stapleton, which is undergoing the largest urban redevelopment project in the United States. Quiet, clean, and affordable, this community boasts working-class families from a wide variety of backgrounds.