Moving? Try These 5 Best Neighborhoods in Denver!

best neighborhoods in denver

Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Denver?

With the majestic mountain views, never-ending crystal clear running streams, and continual activities to take part in, it’s not difficult to see why Denver, Colorado is a popular place to call home. Many people are flocking to this nature wonderland whether they are avid outdoorsmen or not. With the ever-expanding neighborhoods and shopping, it truly offers something for everyone! If you’re thinking about moving, make sure to check out these 5 best neighborhoods in Denver.

Whether you are a Denver native, or relocating to set down some roots, you should be aware of some of the best places to move to within the city. According to Wikipedia, Denver has 78 official neighborhoods. Narrowing that large list down to what seems to best suit your needs can be tricky. To help make that decision a bit easier, here are the top 5 best neighborhoods in Denver based on ranking and popularity from

  1. Washington Park: With the 165-acre plot of land sprawling with trees, flowers, lakes, grass, and running paths is what makes Wash Park one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver and totally deserves to be on the list of the best neighborhoods in Denver.
  2. Lower Downtown (LoDo): This is considered a more quaint part of Denver filled with older, smaller building typically made of brick. If you are looking for a trendy loft, LoDo may be the place for you.
  3. UpTown: One of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, this downtown location offers those working downtown a very easy commute.
  4. Highland: If you are searching for an ethnic neighborhood and environment, then Highland is your place. Immigrants from Mexico, Hispanic families, and Italian-Americans are some of the individuals who tend to occupy this beautiful space.
  5. Stapleton: Stapleton is the biggest urban redevelopment project in the United States. With 4,700 acres and 30,000 residents, this tends to have more of a community feel. Boasting some of the best schools in the city, Stapleton is a great place to raise a family.