RiNo, Denver: Art and Easy Living Combined

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Without question, RiNo, Denver is where the bulk of the city’s creative energy happens. In fact, if there’s a creative craft or profession occurring in Colorado’s largest city, odds are it’s in the River North Art District, known as “RiNo.” And, happily for area residents, art galleries, wineries, and many other creative centers are all within easy walking distance. Industrial Area No Longer RiNo, Denver was once an industrial area, but no longer. It’s now come alive with creativity and neighborhood improvement activities large and small. A January 2014 article posted at The Good Life Denver website asked if River North is the most up-and-coming city neighborhood. Judging by improvements in the housing stock, and the rush into the district by the city’s large creative class, the answer is “yes.” RiNo Neighborhoods Denver’s River North Art District comprises several smallish neighborhoods immediately northeast of downtown. Homes have always made up a part of the fabric of the district but have become more important as creative businesses have rushed in. Today, microbreweries, restaurants, small shops, taverns and many other fun and exciting businesses intermingle with homes, apartments and other residences. Homes in RiNo, Denver Residential property growth in Denver’s River North neighborhoods is strong, according to many local real estate professionals. For example, home prices in RiNo increased an amazing 21 percent in 2013. The Denver Post, in a January 2015 article, says River North’s real estate market is in a “feeding frenzy,” even. Sales of vacant land, homes, buildings and other properties owe their strength to the rush by developers to capitalize on the attractiveness of RiNo, Denver. Downtown workers, looking for an easy commute and relaxed living in a creative atmosphere, are flocking to RiNo. Today may just be the best time of all to get in on all the art, eats and fine living offered by the River North Art District.