The Top Cities For Out-Of-Town Home Buyers

How much house you can buy has a lot to do with where you’re buying. A 1,500-square-foot home will have a much different price tag in New York than it would in St. Louis. But though this is obvious to most potential home buyers, we don’t always have a choice in where we live. Whether it’s a job or family and friends, we’re often tied to the places we call home for reasons that go beyond affordability. However, for those of us who can leave town, where are the most popular cities to go? Well, according to one recent analysis, some cities have a higher rate of interest from out-of-town buyers than others. Places like Tampa, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Sacramento, Miami, and Boston are pulling in a larger share of the 25 percent of buyers looking to move to a new metro. Among the reasons for their popularity, proximity to larger more expensive cities is key. After all, the number of people who are willing and able to move 3,000 miles from the place they call home is relatively small. But whatever their reasons, buyers who look at neighborhoods and locations outside their immediate search area – even if just a few miles away – can often find more affordable options that suit their needs and lifestyle. More here.