Tips for Selling Your Home if it has Limited Closet Space

One of the biggest things homebuyers are concerned with is the amount of closet space a house has. If your closet space is rather limited, here are some tips for selling your home you can use to make it seem more abundant.

Clean and De-clutter

The first step should be to clean and de-clutter your closet. People tend to view even large closets as being inadequate whenever they are crammed full of belongings. By eliminating extra stuff, your closets will automatically be thought of as being bigger.

While you are cleaning, take time to organize your closet so that like items are together. Hanging pants at one end and longer clothing at the other will help buyers envision hanging a second rack along part of the space.

Be sure there is nothing at all on your floors, not even shoes. This opens up the floor space and allows people to see more of it.

Lighten the Space

Paint the inside walls of your closet white to help it reflect light better. White paint also makes spaces appear larger. If your closet has dark corners, consider adding additional lighting to help illuminate it.

Have the Right Items in your Closet

Having the right items in each closet makes your home appear more functional. For example, if you have Christmas decorations in a spare bedroom, potential buyers may construe this to mean there is a lack of storage elsewhere. It will also make it more difficult for them to imagine themselves actually using the bedroom. The same can be said for your hallway and linen closets as well. Make sure there is a place for everything, and that everything is in its place.

Paying attention to the inside of your closets is important, and can make the difference between whether or not you receive an offer quickly. Use these tips to maximize your closet space, and you’ll find having small closets is less of a hindrance.