Tips for Selling Your Small Home

When you are ready to move out of your starter home to gain a bit more space for your growing family, you have to be able to sell that smaller starter home. Selling a small home can be difficult because most people prefer wide open spaces and plenty of storage space to the lower maintenance perks of a smaller home. However, with the proper staging and some creative thinking, potential buyers can feel cozy instead of cramped and eager to buy your home.

Clear Out Unnecessary Clutter

Clutter can easily overwhelm a small home, making it feel even smaller. While showing your home, consider moving your extra items to a storage unit. Make sure that any item you keep in your home while showing has a place and looks like it belongs. If it does not belong in that room, consider sticking it in a drawer or basket to keep a clean appearance.

Remove Large Items

Like clutter, large items in small rooms can be easily overwhelming. Instead of putting a large armoire in a small master bedroom to add storage space, use a tall bookshelf with baskets which fits closer to the wall, but still contains a lot of storage. Items that are bulky, but do not contain much storage space do a lot more harm than good for showing a smaller home.

Create More Storage

Getting creative about storage can give potential buyers great ideas for taking on a small home. By taking advantage of all of your nooks and crannies in an elegant way, you can make small home living look just as glamorous as large open spaces. Use closet organizers and under the bed storage to safely stow your items, without creating more chaos. Use the space between the counters and the upper cabinets in your kitchen to create more storage as well by mounting spice racks or an extra shelf for small profile items.

All in all when selling a home, a buyer needs to feel like they are home there. By making a small home seem clever and cozy rather than cramped, a potential buyer will feel more comfortable and more likely to buy.