Top 10 Places to Live in Colorado When You Are Single

Whether you are a hipster or a traditional person interested in advancing a career in Colorado, you may wonder if you should buy a home while still single. In today’s real estate market, it pays to buy a loft, condo, townhouse or starter home so you have can build equity. If you do decide to “partner up,” in the future, you will have more money to buy a step-up home with your spouse. When it comes to the top 10 places to live in Colorado when you are single, the best cities include Boulder and Denver. Single people who love the outdoors can especially appreciate what the two cities have to offer. Within Boulder and Denver, there are several hip neighborhoods and subdivisions that are ideal for single people or those looking for a starter home.

  1. Bonnie Brae

Bonnie Brae is an established Denver neighborhood east of University Ave. The community is ideal for older single people who are affluent. Homes in Bonnie Brae include vintage such as a Tudor home and new construction.

  1. Boulder

If you love the outdoors, one of the best cities in Colorado is Boulder. Single people will meet others while hiking, biking and skiing. The median age of residents in Boulder is about 28 according to Census reports. Also, there is a wide range of home styles and prices.

  1. Arvada

Arvada is a northwest suburb of Denver. The median age of residents in Arvada is about 40, which makes it an older crowd compared to Boulder. However, if you a single home buyer, you may love the fact that Arvada is progressive. The community is going to have a transit stop as part of the FasTracks light rail system by 2016.

  1. RiNo

RiNo is a hip, hotspot for singles who want to live in Denver’s River North Art District. You can find a large selection of lofts, townhouses and condos in RiNo. It’s easy to meet people because of the many bars, shops and wineries. Also, low-maintenance living is a natural first step in real estate.

  1. LoHi

LoHi, which stands for Lower Highlands, is another hip neighborhood in Denver. You can find cool modern shipping container homes, incredible lofts with rooftop decks and vintage homes. If you want stunning views of the Rocky Mountains but live just northwest of downtown, LoHi is a great location.

  1. Washington Park

The Washington Park, Denver neighborhood is ideal for people who want a small renovation project. Washington Park is in south central Denver and boasts a 165-acre park developed in 1899. The homes for sale include a lot of contemporary architecture.

  1. Newlands, Boulder

Newlands, Boulder in the Boulder foothills is an expensive area that would appeal to upper income people. Because it’s near the University of Colorado, the North Boulder Park and the North Boulder Recreation Center, the community appeals to many single home buyers.

  1. Wonderland Hills

Wonderland Hills, Boulder is at the very base of the Rocky foothills. Builders constructed some of the homes in the 1970s. Single people gravitate to the townhouses and condos in Wonderland Hills.

  1. Mapleton Hill

Mapleton Hill, Boulder is known for its many Silver Maples trees. Developers have converted some of the large estate homes into condos and townhouses. One of the first neighborhoods in Boulder, Mapleton Hill is within walking distance to Boulder’s nightlife.

  1. Lower Downtown

LoDo or Lower Downtown in Denver is a vibrant neighborhood where people stay up late going to coffeehouses, Coors Field and bars. Single people can find lofts with mountain views. Larimer Square in LoDo is popular for its art galleries and shops.

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